So how should we proceed? First, think of type of site you would like then give Cyber Design a call. We’ll discuss the possibilities and present you with a quote for your consideration.

Once you’ve decided to proceed with construction you’ll need to begin gathering the materials necessary for us to design the site. This includes (but is not limited to):
pictures, text descriptions about your business/services, product descriptions, price lists (if you desire), business logo, contact information and anything else you would like shown on the website. Don’t worry if you forget something. We’ll always let you know if there is information we need in order to continue.

Much of the information you provide can be submitted over email if it’s already in electronic format. If not, you can mail it to us and we’ll input the data from your hard copies. We have a scanner, digital camera and a variety of other tools available to publish your information in a web-friendly format.

Cyber Design / Heather Peters